2012 m. kovo 26 d., pirmadienis

My unpopular opinions

1) I love JC! Hell, if I wasn’t a typical student, I’d own every single pair - trust! - but Litas don’t magically transform someone into a ‘fashionista’.
2) Why do people worship Marilyn Monroe?
3) You’re not a photographer. You just happen to own a DSLR camera. Photography is much more than knowing how to look through a hole and pressing buttons on the count of 3. Play with shutter speeds, apertures, photography elements and filters. - To those who own one, try out the manual features; muuuch more fun. I guarantee it :) !
4) I understand the direness of what’s going on with Kony in Africa, but just reblogging Tumblr posts / updating Facebook statuses aren’t going to do anything.
5) Make up isn't for everyday.
6) Victoria’s Secret models most of the time look shiny, bony and muscular at the same time, kind of scary.
7) Girls who say they’re gay, for attention. Please stop. There are many other ways to lure people.
8) Music don't get old.

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